Playing Cards I Gakondo Zahabu (Gold)

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Be one the first and last to own Gakondo Zahabu/Gold edition. These playing cards are the last black golden edition that Gakondo brand will ever produce.

Gakondo Playing Cards is a deck of playing cards inspired by Rwanda’s heritage.

‘Gakondo’ is a Kinyarwanda term that loosely translates to traditions and heritage, and this unique souvenir doubles as an archive, creating and preserving imagery of Rwanda’s heritage from its fashion, hairstyles, dance, music, art and crafts.

This magnificent deck reveals Rwanda’s ancient heritage by using unique images of an Igisabo (traditional butter churn), Inanga (traditional music instrument), Agaseke (traditional basket), Icumu (traditional spear), Ingabo (traditional shield), and Imigongo (traditional cow-dung art) as the four suits while the face cards contain illustrations of Intore (traditional dance) dancers and Rwandan forefathers dressed in umwitero (traditional wear).

Cards: 300gsm Blue Core Paper. 63x88mm size.

Tuck: 350gsm Black Speciality Paper, Embossing included with Golden Foil.

Printing: CMYK offset printing, 4C+ Metallic Gold Ink for Card Face + Card Back

Finish: Butter Finish for both card sides, linen finish for the cards.

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