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ZaNiheza Store is a global marketplace where the youth from Africa and Diaspora come to sell their products.
We are on a mission to empower the youth in Africa to earn a dignified income thru e-commerce. Our journey started over three years ago with our travel marketplace. We noticed that the youth in Africa make beautiful products that they sell to travelers. Yet the costs of technology and digital marketing are an obstacle to reaching buyers. That's why we built this platform that leverages the visibility of our global band to connect sellers with millions of buyers around the world.

A Global Marketplace For African Youth Vendors

We are one of the most credible online stores with African Made products. We carefully choose our suppliers for high-quality products with competitive prices. You will find here products made with passion by the youth. We have unique and handcraft goods.


Our products are from local vendors.


We select products based on their quality.


We ship to all destinations around the world.

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Shima Charles

Founder / CEO

Mutangana Donavine

Chief Content Officer

Ibuka Janviere

Development Partnership Manager

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Our founder – Shima is passionate with empowering the youth. Losing his parents are a young age of 13 years old, he knows first hand the challenges a youth face to earn an income particularly in emerging markets.

Yes. In Rwanda alone, the youth is leading in fashion, arts, crafts and startups.

Global Brands such as House Of Tayo, Moshions were founded by the youth. They are many more creative and talented youth in all 54 countries of Africa.

Absolutely. We aim to find non mass produced and quality goods.

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